ATA's primary method of attaining its program outreach goals is to mount and tour an international juried exhibition every two years. The ATA Biennials bring the best of international contemporary handwoven tapestry into a coherent show. These exhibitions provide opportunities in the field by
  a) setting high standards of excellence;
  b) touring across North America;
  c) triggering articles; and
  d) publishing a catalogue with critical essays.

These exhibitions usually draw excellent attendance to the host museums and art centers. Tapestry is rarely exhibited and, as a result, it draws a mixed audience (from across the economic spectrum) of people who view it as non-threatening, approachable, and enjoyed by young audiences.


Small Format Exhibitions - Enchanted Pathways; July 10 - 31, 2010

"Enchanted Pathways" is a small format open entry exhibition sponsored by the American Tapestry Alliance in conjunction with Handweavers Guild of America's Convergence in New Mexico in 2010.


This Exhibition, under the theme of "From Japanese Tradition, Global Innovation" will feature a fusion of the ancient Japanese art of senshoku (dyeing and weaving), Western tapestry traditions, and modern architectural spaces.

Mitsuko Asakura's works will be displayed in four very different venues to demonstrate how dyed tapestries can combine with architectural design to transform the spaces where we work and live. The Exhibition will feature tapestries and photos of the tapestries in architectural contexts, creating spaces of spiritual depth and tranquility.


Small format tapestry exhibition in Tampa, Florida: TECO Building, 702 N Franklin Street.

Open: 1 June - 31 July 2008.   

Artists: Urban Jupena,  Kathy Spoering  Cecilia Blomberg