The International Biennial Symposium Conference and Exhibition on Textile Art "Scythia"


The International Biennial Symposium and Exhibition on Textile Art "Scythia" marked in June 2004 its Fifth anniversary. It is the only one prestigious international textile symposium and exhibition in Ukraine on European level, which includes artists, educational, fashion and cultural heritage groups and educational and professional (The Black Sea Workshop) workshops.
This event is biennial. It is Ludmila Egorova's and Andrew Schneider's private initiative and it does not depend upon any state cultural institutions. It is the first in Ukraine privately organized international art event, which is free from any kind of pressure.
This biennial was presented at the European Textile Network Conferences in Russia, England, Spain, at the Forum of Cultural Networks of the Council of Europe in France, at "Convergence" in USA etc. as at the initial stage the first task was to present this biennial as wide as possible at the international level. The organizers' main aim was the co-operation of the cultural regions of the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, with a specific focus on the textile and that's why first of all specialists from this countries were invited. Since the First International Symposium and Exhibition on Textile Art "Scythia" (1996) the Black Sea textile region has awaken. Old textile events (triennials and biennials) were renewed and new events have appeared all over Europe due to participants, who took part in "Scythia". The organizers are happy to know more and more colleagues and to see them and their art works at the "Scythia" Symposium and Exhibition as representatives of the Mediterranean and Black Sea textile regions. But of course it does not mean that only countries from these regions can participate. Textile artists and specialists from all over the world are welcome to this symposium, exhibition and workshops. Since 1996 textile specialists from Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Island, Japan, Moldova, Korea, The Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, USA took an active part in symposiums and exhibitions.
International exhibition includes tapestry, batik, quilt, patch, shibori, felt, beads, embroidery, applique, paper, three dimensional textile. Three best art works were awarded by medals. The exhibition helps to introduce new artists and helps the public to be informed about national and international trends. The symposium gives chance to know more about new textile events all over the world.
Three best art works were awarded by medals: