Web of Europe: Museum of Applied Art, Budapest; October 13 – November 27, 2011

The Ildiko Dobranyi Foundation organized an exceptional project (Web of Europe) for EU resident tapestry artists. The result shows an unique cross-section of contemporary European tapestry art and also a harmony of old and new.


Exhibition of tapestries.

Open: 10 July - 30 August 2009


Exhibition of textiles

Open: 26 June - 13 September 2009


Tapestry exhibition in Esztergom (a city nearby Budapest), in the Christian Museum.

Open: 7 September - 30 October 2008

Photos of the exhibition

Download the catalogue (6.5MB)

Short video on YouTube about the opening ceremony

Tapestry cartoon design exhibition in Budapest, in the "Vizivárosi Galéria".

The initial designs of the famous "Corvin Tapestries" triptich can be seen. Based on these cartoon designs the final cartoon was created in the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artist led by Ildiko Dobranyi. She died soon after the completion of the tapestry on 5th of May, 2007.

Open: 14 March - 9 April 2008


Exhibition of tapestries.

Open: 11 October - 18 November 2007


Exhibition of tapestries.

Open: 9 February - 20 February 2007


Exhibition of tapestries and textiles.

Open: 21 July - 24 September 2006

Photos from the exhibition