TAPESTRY 2008: The Fine Art of Weaving, initiated by The Australian National University, was held in Canberra in May, 2008. Valerie Kirk, Head of Textiles at the ANU School of Art and instigator of the conference, led the organising committee. Valerie shares highlights from the conference and exhibition programs.

The artists were - Yasuko Fujino, Japan; Susan Martin-Maffei, USA; Fiona Rutherford, England; Archie Brennan, USA; Jane Kidd, Canada; Aino Kajaniemi, Finland; Sue Lawty, England; Sara Lindsay, Australia; and Susan Mowatt, Scotland

The exhibition highlighted the global diversity of work from individual artists working in tapestry and related practices, and presented exciting new developments in the mix of fine art, tapestry and weaving.