The Danish Museum of Art & Design is one of Scandinavia’s central exhibition forums for Danish and international industrial design, decorative and applied arts. The museum’s collections, library and archives constitute a central resource centre for the study of design and its history in Denmark. The Danish Museum of Art & Design brings together and documents the contemporary developments within industrial design, decorative and applied arts. We must add to this the collection of exemplary works from older “areas” and periods, which are closely related to contemporary oeuvres. The Danish Museum of Art & Design undertakes research into the history of art and design, taking as its point of departure the museum’s own collections, and presents the results in exhibitions, publications and educational material etc.


In 1999 The Art Museum acquired all of the sketches by Bjørn Nørgaard for the Queen of Denmark's tapestries hung at the Great Hall of the Castle of Christiansborg. The material consists of several thousand drawings and overlays, of which a number are exhibited together with the large coloured cartond in the newly extended exhibition hall uppermost in the museum.

The tapestries have been woven in Manufactures nationale des Gobelines et de Beauvais. The 17 tapestries are hung in the Great Hall of Christiansborg (seat of the Government) and depict Denmark's and the World's history from the time of the Vikings up until just before the future.