Tintes naturales. Las teleras santiagueñas (ISBN 978-987-05-3197-5)

This work is the result of the interaction with a hundred of traditional weavers of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. They have recuperated the ancient dyeing technique based on their ancestral relationship with nature.

Todo un mundo a través de los nudos. Descúbralo con el macramé. (ISBN-:84-611-3983-6)

TThis work is an update of the macramé thread-knotting technique for obtaining a textile. Focused on tastes, decoration, and 21st century life styles, the book allows the discovery and way into more sophisticated techniques: Venetian (15th century), French (17th Century), Cavandoli and Gobelin - all explained with a profusion of (200) photographs.

Manual de Técnicas textiles andinas. Terminaciones (ISBN 956-310-051-4)

The diversity of techniques used on woven surfaces starting from the same given structure and the multiple terminations and techniques used to depict images on textiles evidenced the need to carry out an exercise for comprehending the efforts deployed in each woven artefact of the Andes. This work is an attempt to constitute, from our culture, an instrument that allows communication with such a textile universe in its technical and perceptual conceptions. It initiates an approach to its multiple meanings.

Tintes Naturales. Guía para el reconocimiento y uso de plantas tintóreas del Centro de Argentina (ISBN 978-987-97678-1-8)

An all-color compendium of traditional dyeing techniques for wool and other natural fibers, with more than 50 explanations that include the identification and use of plants, fungi, and tinctorial animals of the central region of Argentina. An indispensable book in the libraries of craftspeople, folklore scholars and all persons interested in the knowledge and conservation of natural resources.

Tintes y tintoreros de América – Catálogo de materias primas y registro etnográfico de México, Centroamérica, Andes Centrales y Selva Amazónica s (ISBN: 84-8181-282-X)

The contents of this work, as indicated by the title, can be of great usefulness for conservators and restorers of archaeological, historical, and ethnic weavings; chemical analysts of organic colorants; artists in the field of textiles; ethno-botanists and ethnologists.

Textiles de los Andes Bolivianos

This coffee table book  describes the wealth and diversity of the traditional textiles of Bolivia since the pre-Colombian time to the present.

Arte Textil. “Vida y Urdimbre”

Exposition retrospective Catalogue in the Historic city Hall, with color pictures with works of the artists that have traveled for the Textile Art Workshop School La Rueca.

The rigid-hedlle loom (ISBN 987-05-0217-2)

The text teaches to weaving, with clear explanations that are supported by illustrative designs on the crossings and location of the threads or on the corresponding draft.